Start: 17 August 2022
19 h 00 min
End: 17 August 2022
21 h 00 min

Event Venue

Le National Winebar, Route de Sion 1, 3960 Sierre

GPS: 46.2915865, 7.5280689

Sonja is happy to welcome BRA Members to join her book club, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please feel free to share with anyone interested in a monthly book discussion in English.

Books can be read in any language but the group discussion will be in English.
We hope that you can join us!

For more information, please contact Sonja and she will send you the details.

Pay for what you consume.

Reservations to:
Sonja at or Mobile: 078 900 86 91

We will be discussing the following books on the following dates:

DATE TO BE DISCUSSED         BOOK TITLE                                       AUTHOR 

18 May                                       The Guest List                                       Lucy Foley
15 June                                       I’m Still Here                                         Austin 
                                                                                                               Channing Brown 
JULY                                            SUMMER BREAK                          SUMMER BREAK
17 August                                   The Astral Traveller’s Handbook           David Michie
21 September                             A Visit from the Goon Squad                Jennifer Egan
19 October                                 Think like a Monk                                  Jay Shetty
16 November                             The Secrets We Kept                            Lara Prescott
21 December                             The Last Story of Mina Lee                   Nancy 
                                                                                                                 Jooyoun Kim

Here’s the blurb for this month’s book:
The Astral Traveler’s Handbook & Other Tales (Bedtime Buddha 1)

“Whatever dreams he was having, Jason knew they had nothing to do with his physical body. His eyes were firmly shut and his consciousness withdrawn from his senses when all this was going on. Yet in his dreams he experienced sights, sounds and even visceral sensations much more intensely than when he was awake.

From this he understood that you didn’t need a physical body to see, or smell, or endure any kind of experience with an acuteness that was more real than reality. From an early age he deduced that heaven or hell need not be material places so much as states of mind—and no less glorious or horrifying because of that. There were no limits to a mind untethered from form.”

What if you could re-live the enchantment of childhood bedtime—but with magic that is real?

What if you felt the wonder you once sensed when you believed that anything is possible?
Or were inspired to see the world through fresh eyes?

In this compendium of delightful short stories, David Michie draws us into the extraordinary experiences of everyday people as they encounter those tell-tale cracks exposing reality as not quite what it seems.
Four female book club members are unexpectedly propelled, by the same black and white photograph, to discover a shared purpose beyond their wildest imaginings.
An earnest young seeker finds that drawing aside the veil to an immeasurably more wonderful reality, doesn’t depend so much on the arcane books he reads as on a source much closer to home.
A cat-doting woman, who wishes her beloved felines would talk to her, is shaken when she realises what they have been trying to communicate all along.

5 Scheduled Dates