BRA Policy on Security of Your Personal Data

BRA Policy on Security of Your Personal Data
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Recently the Western world has had a flurry of activity caused by the introduction of the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with threats of €20 million fines if we all do not strictly comply with this one-size-fits-all law. Although the BRA is based in Switzerland and is regulated by the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, we cannot ignore the GDPR if only because some members (like me) live in France. Consequently, like other organisations whether the size of Airbus or the local croquet team, we have had a look at how we handle personal information and how we will need to adapt some of our procedures. In essence, we are writing down and publishing in the form below what has been an implicit BRA privacy policy; spelling-out the means that we use to contact you; and making all of that obvious on the application form for those joining in future.

If you are happy with the way BRA looks after your personal data and communicates with you, you need do nothing. If you have queries about the information about you we hold, ask Noreen or myself.  If you want to restrict some or all of your personal data held by BRA or the means we use to communicate with you, tell us. However, be aware that we will then be unable to tell you all that is happening within BRA.



To operate effectively the BRA needs to hold sufficient personal information to administer the Association and communicate with its members. To do so, each member gives the BRA use of personal data viz., name, postal address, email address, phone number and permission to take photographs. A member may see any of their personal data held by the BRA or withdraw permission for the BRA to collect, store or use all or part of their personal data. Suspected data breaches should be reported immediately to the Secretary or Chairman who will take appropriate action.

The BRA, its office-holders, and members, will;

  1. Use members’ personal data only for the purposes of club administration, notifying members of events, providing information of interests to members and aiding contact between members.
  2. Keep personal data secure with access to it being on a “need to know” basis.
  3. Not sell or use personal data for commercial purposes and not provide contact details or personal information to others without the individual’s permission.
  4. Destroy any member’s personal data held when that member requests BRA to do so or when the information is no longer required to support club membership.”

The BRA will contact members by electronic means (such as email or the BRA Website), telephone, or written notice or letter. If a member does not wish to receive communication from the BRA through any of these means, they should inform the Secretary. That could result in restrictions on information passed to that member.


Graham Robertson
Chairman BRA
25 May 2018