Monthly Sunday Brunch 2021

BRA Romandie-East Region Members, were happy to meet up again for our Monthly Sunday Brunch in May this year after a break of 6 months due to Covid 19 restrictions. We had all missed our Full English breakfast which Zenhäusern bakery/tea-room/restaurant in Sierre serves up especially for us, accompanied by a glass of freshly pressed […]


After a real flurry of emails about whether or not we could walk if it rained there was general agreement that we could. Under that stress Diana Divo described herself as “not a manager but a worrier”.  We find her a great organiser, and since worrying meant that she had reconnoitred our route 3 times, […]

Château de Vullierens Visit

This beautiful château was built between 1706 and 1712 by Gabriel Hernri de Mestral, and stands on a former fiefdom, and site of a medieval fortress. The seignory of Vullierens was passed through marriage, or inheritance until it became the property of the Bovet de Mestral family.  A Vullierens noble family can be traced back […]

Fondue at Gruyères

Molly Arnold from the NW Region suggested a trip to Gruyères and this writer devoid of any innovative ideas as to excursions, gratefully took up her recommendation. Under the coronavirus prevailing rules, we had to eat at a restaurant with outside tables, with adequate protection against inclement weather conditions, and with the restriction of 4 to […]

Tulip Festival in Morges

After months of careful isolation, we were finally able to meet in person and talk one to one. Great though Zoom has been, it was a relief not to be peering at tiny rectangles on a computer screen.  Many thanks to Rosemary for her account of this rather special day.   Jan Powell It was a […]


The  Limmat walk was an excellent idea and I think all 10 participants were delighted to discover such a charming unknown walk in perfect weather and ideal company. Thank you so much, Diana.   That we should have by chance arrived on Mike’s last day at the Cheese Shop was a strange coincidence.   Sad […]


Covid-19 provided the excellent idea for an afternoon meeting out-of-doors. Following a snack and good chat outside Richi’s friendly little bar we set off up the Allmend beside the meandering Sihl for a lovely autumn walk. We watched dozens of dogs playing with each other and with the teasing crows and our conversations also covered […]


On a lovely sunny autumn day in Ticino, a group of members made their way to see the show of birds in flight at the Falconeria in Locarno and what a show it was. Falcons, owls, vultures and eagles and other birds of prey flew directly overhead from one trainer to another – always being […]