British Residents’ Association of Switzerland


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Welcome / Older News / FROM THE BRA CHAIRWOMAN

Dear BRA Members,

I hope that you have enjoyed our summer programme and will equally enjoy our winter one.
We have visits to Christmas markets, Christmas lunches, winetasting, concerts and following up in January fondue events.

On Saturday, 11th November, on behalf of the Members of the British Residents’ Association, I shall be laying a wreath at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery at St. Martin’s Church, Vevey.

We wear a poppy
On Remembrance Day, and at eleven
We stand and pray. Wreaths are put upon a grave.
As we remember
Our soldiers brave.

Our enrolment form on the website, for all the events, seems to be working very well.
Not only is it easy to fill in and send but it also makes the administration work a lot easier for those organising events.
Don’t forget that past events are on the website with all of the photos made available.

In December we will be sending out payment information for subscriptions due for 2024.
You will either receive a request for payment or confirmation that you have already paid for next year.

Angela S. Meier-Jones
Hon. BRA Chairwoman