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Message from the BRA Chairwoman

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This is the first time, since last year, that I have the feeling we are regaining a bit more freedom. The numbers of corona cases seem to be declining, it is obviously too early to throw caution to the wind and of course we still have to adhere to all the Government rules and regulations. I presume that most of us have had our vaccinations by now.

I know that the United Kingdom has been struggling with the new Delta strain of the virus, thus making it quite difficult to get to the UK and back again with all the quarantining and tests involved. Here again we have to listen to the different countries and what their rules and regulations are.

Thank you to those of you who returned their voting slips for the postal AGM, the Minutes of the postal AGM will be sent out to you all separately by email or normal post. Hopefully next year we will be holding our AGM and Luncheon together as a National Event. Our National Summer Luncheon for this year will held on the 24 July and will be reported and pictures shown in the next Bulletin and on the BRA Website.

We have all been able to hold some events since the beginning of May. I have already attended 4 QBP’s, namely in the North-West, Ticino & Grison, Central and Romandie-East regions. All very enjoyable and really well attended with Members happy to see each other again and catch up. After months of zoom, I was delighted to meet up with a lot of the people I had only seen on the computer screen!

In October we are holding our National Autumn Luncheon in Lugano. We decided that our Autumn Luncheon would be held each year in a different Region thereby giving all of our Members a chance to meet up in their own district or take a trip to discover different parts of Switzerland.

Remember ….. Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today …..
Whether at home or away I wish you all a lovely summer.

Angela S. Meier-Jones
BRA Chairwoman