Message from UK Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Message from UK Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
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Ambassador Jane Owen, has provided an update and video message about the EU exit process to UK Nationals living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The text is below and the video can be watched on Youtube at:

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Graham Robertson
Chairman, BRA
28 August 2018. 

Message from UK Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Providing certainty for citizens has been a top priority for the UK government from the start of the EU exit process.

In our June 2017 position paper and in many ministerial statements, including by the Prime Minister, we have been clear that we want to secure citizens’ rights agreements for UK nationals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, similar to that which we offered and agreed with the EU. We want to do this as soon as possible, and are pleased that this is also a priority for the Swiss and Liechtenstein governments.

Importantly, in our negotiations with the EU we have agreed that the time-limited Implementation Period will mean our agreements with Switzerland and Liechtenstein will continue to apply until the end of 2020, including those protecting the rights of UK nationals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

UK and Swiss / Liechtenstein government officials are working towards agreements securing the status of our citizens and protecting their rights. The talks have been friendly and constructive. Our shared guiding principle is to enable UK nationals in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and Swiss / Liechtenstein nationals in the UK before exit day to continue living their lives broadly as they do now.

In terms of scope, we are working towards agreements which, like the UK-EU agreement on citizens’ rights, will cover rights including residence, frontier working, family reunification, social security coordination including aggregation of contributions, export of benefits, healthcare reimbursement and mutual recognition of qualifications.

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