Personal Message from Graham Robertson

Personal Message from Graham Robertson
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Dear BRA Members, 
I regret that personal circumstances have led me to resign from the BRA Council and as your Chairman.
Although I was working towards retiring some time next year, I have had to bring my plans forward.
Let me assure you that this in no way results from any reduction in my continuing regard for the BRA or by ill health. Simply stated, over the last few years I have pushed back non-BRA matters which now require my time to implement them without further delay.
In leaving the Council, I would like to put on record that I have felt honoured and pleased that you allowed me to be your Chairman for so many years. I am grateful for the kindness, guidance and support afforded me by the BRA membership and by your hard-working Councillors.
I must pay especial tribute to the honorary officers and the editors of the BRA who have done so much over the recent difficult period to keep the BRA alive. Although disappointed at leaving prematurely, I go remembering the old dictum that we are each just like a hand in a bucket of water: When the hand is removed the water finds its own level. 

Angie Meier-Jones has taken over as Chairman in the interim and she will bring her own level of undoubted enthusiasm and experience to leading the Council. I am sure that, as she tackles the continuing difficult environment in which we live, you will give her the willing support and encouragement which you freely afforded me.

I remain a member of BRA and look forward to seeing many of you again when we are able to meet in more normal circumstances.
With my thanks and best wishes to you all,