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For a number of years our website has provided information to BRA members. However, its age was causing Nigel Coombs increasing effort and heartache to keep it going. Last week, an update installed by our service provider proved incompatible with our existing application and “knocked out” our website to the extent that we were unable to enter it even for maintenance.
The BRA Council agreed last year to build a more modern website. Deborah Gorsatt took on the project and, aided by our Secretary, has worked hard with the consultant to develop this new site. We have decided to bring the new website on-line now to ensure that BRA members have continued access to the information they need to plan their activities. Although some parts remain under construction, we hope that you find this new site informative and easy to use. 
I would like to thank Nigel Coombs for the supreme effort he has put in over the years to develop and maintain the old site. Deborah, Noreen and Thierry Butikofer (our consultant) have put in many long and hard hours to develop the new site and to make good the loss of our old site; they deserve our thanks particularly for their “emergency response’. 

This new facility is available to help our members make best use of BRA activities. Any ideas that you have for developing it will be gratefully received.

Graham Robertson
National Chairman.