British Residents’ Association of Switzerland

Past Chairmen

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BRA Past and Present Chairmen and Chairwomen:

1946-1956                       Mr. K.C. Liddell, OBE, Founder.
President and Chairman of the Conseil de la Colonie Britannique (British Colony Council) becoming later the BRA

1956-1964                        Mr. T.C.W. Roe, CBE

1965                                 Mr. W.R.S. Bond, OBE

1966-1967                        Miss Victoria Taylor, MBE (later Mrs. Holliday)

1968-1969                        Colonel R. Patrick-Smith

1970-1974                        Mr. T.C. Hornby

1974-1975                        Air-Commodore H. Proud, CBE

1976-1977                        Mr. D.A. Savage

1977-1979                        Mr. R.H.  Greenly

1979-1981                        Sir Keith Granville, CBE

1981-1982                        Mr. C.B. Holliday

1982-1985                        Mr. P.C. Beswick, OBE

1985-1987                        Mr. A.W. Travis

1987-1989                        Mr. J.M. Smith, MBE

1989-1992                        Mr. G.K. Simons

1992-1993                        Mrs. Laura Newman

1993-1996                        Mr. M. Linde, MBE

1996-1998                        Colonel P. Pennick

1998-2000                        Mr. N. Simpson

2000-2002                        Mr. M. Rogers, OBE

2002-2004                        Mrs. J. Koch

2004-2007                        Mr.  R. Walsh

2007-2008                        Mr. D. Pilsworth

2008-2009                        Mr. M. Rogers, OBE

2009-2013                        Mr. M. Type

2013                                 Mr. A. Wells

2013-2016                        Mr. J. N. Coombs

2016-2020                        Mr. G Robertson

2020-                                Mrs. A.S. Meier-Jones