British Embassy Roadshows 2019 for UK Nationals

Invitation to the UK Nationals Roadshows 2019 The British Embassy in Berne cordially invites you to attend our Roadshows across Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We will update you on how the UK’s exit from the EU will affect your citizens’ rights as a UK national living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, what steps should you take before […]

Message from UK Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Ambassador Jane Owen, has provided an update and video message about the EU exit process to UK Nationals living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The text is below and the video can be watched on Youtube at: If you have any comments or questions please contact the Embassy using the email address given below. Graham Robertson Chairman, BRA   […]

Alan Baker, new Chairman for Romandie West.

Michael Bruce, having been advised to reduce his activities, retired as Chairman of Romandie West (RW) at the AGM in May. However, having started the “project” of planning that region’s 2018 Queen’s Birthday Party, he saw it through to a successful conclusion. Many thanks are due to Michael for stepping into the gap a couple […]

BRA Policy on Security of Your Personal Data

Recently the Western world has had a flurry of activity caused by the introduction of the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with threats of €20 million fines if we all do not strictly comply with this one-size-fits-all law. Although the BRA is based in Switzerland and is regulated by the Swiss Federal Act on […]

“The BRA NEEDS YOU to do your bit”

“The BRA NEEDS YOU to do your bit” At the 2017 AGM there was a discussion as to the merits of offering one year’s free membership to those members who successfully introduced a new BRA member. Your Council has decided to continue this incentive until December 2018. WE NEED NEW MEMBERS. Go out into the […]