BRA Policy on Security of Your Personal Data

Recently the Western world has had a flurry of activity caused by the introduction of the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with threats of €20 million fines if we all do not strictly comply with this one-size-fits-all law. Although the BRA is based in Switzerland and is regulated by the Swiss Federal Act on […]

UK Embassy Roadshows for UK Nationals

The UK Embassy has asked BRA to broadcast the following message to all of our members and their contacts. This is a chance to hear what is happening about Brexit and to make your views known. Note the need to register quickly. Calling all British Nationals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, The British Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Jane Owen, […]

Message from Jane Owen, UK Ambassador, to BRA Members

Greetings to all members of the British Residents’ Association and thank you for all the work you do to keep the engine of UK/Swiss relations running smoothly, and also helping to promote Britain, our values, our strengths and our outreach here in Switzerland. Sitting here in my office and looking out of the window at […]

New Ambassador & BRA Patron

Jane Owen replaced David Moran in the post of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation and non-resident Ambassador to Liechtenstein in late December 2017.  On 12 January, I was fortunate to be given a meeting with her to introduce the BRA and to request that she took on the rôle of BRA Patron. She […]

BREXIT UPDATE, 21 December 2017

I have received the message below from Jane Owens, the new UK Ambassador who took up her post on 18th December. Ms Owen’s aim is to let British Residents know the state of progress on their rights after Brexit. I will be meeting her at the Embassy on 12 January and will emphasize the importance […]

BREXIT UPDATE, 8 December 2017

On 8th December, an agreement in principle was reached between the UK Government and the European Commission on the the first phase of the negotiations on the UK withdrawal from the E.U. Apart from matters concerning financial settlements and the Irish border, there is more detail on protection of citizens’ rights including work, social and […]

“The BRA NEEDS YOU to do your bit”

“The BRA NEEDS YOU to do your bit” At the 2017 AGM there was a discussion as to the merits of offering one year’s free membership to those members who successfully introduced a new BRA member. Your Council has decided to continue this incentive until December 2018. WE NEED NEW MEMBERS. Go out into the […]

Welcome to the New BRA Website

For a number of years our website has provided information to BRA members. However, its age was causing Nigel Coombs increasing effort and heartache to keep it going. Last week, an update installed by our service provider proved incompatible with our existing application and “knocked out” our website to the extent that we were unable […]

BREXIT UPDATE, 26 June 2017

 The UK Prime Minister has announced that the British government will continue pension uprating, payment of disability benefits and healthcare cover after Brexit for British expatriates in the EU. Speaking in the House of Commons on 26 June 2017, Theresa May said: “The UK will continue to export and uprate the UK state pension and […]


Below is a summary of recent BREXIT-related actions and events of interest to BRA members. The BRA is not a campaigning organisation but we will continue to keep our members informed of relevant actions and events as they arise. We are fortunate in having an Ambassador whose Embassy in Bern takes an interest in supporting […]