Start: 27 August 2017
9 h 30 min
End: 27 August 2017
16 h 00 min

Event Venue

Airfield Mollis in Kanton Glarus

GPS: 47.0815164, 9.0651117

Cost: Free (except for possible parking fee for non-British cars)
 Last year over 1,200 British made cars came together in the Canton of Glarus, at one of the most important British car meetings in Switzerland.
If you own and drive a British made car then come along to Mollis and be part of this unique motorised get-together.
Enjoy the diverse stands, refreshments, displays and childrens’ activities and meet up with other British car owners.
Non-British cars are welcome, but  must be parked  outside the  main area in another car park, which is a few minutes’ walk away.For further information check or contact Joanna Koch
Fees & Tickets