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Welcome / CHRYSANTHEMA LAHR (Black Forest)
North-West Region
Thursday, 26 October 2023
09 H 00

Thursday, 26 October 2023
18 H 00

Event Venue

Lahr, Black Forest, Germany

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An autumnal event, unique in Germany.
Every autumn the city of Lahr, situated at the edge of the Black Forest, is filled with the chrysanthemums that flood with colour this idyllic city.

We will be having a guided tour in English and will, of course, be having lunch at one of their splendid restaurants.
We leave the Badische Bahnhof at 09:23, arrival in Freiburg at 09:53, departing Freiburg 10:03 and arrive in Lahr at 10:38.
We then travel to the centre of the village by the local bus.

Our guided tour is at 11:30, this will take about an hour after which we go for lunch and then we can wander around Lahr sight-seeing, shopping, drinking coffee and perhaps tasting those delicious black forest gateaux!


At present we do not have prices for the train tickets or tour but will let you know by email beforehand.

At the entrance to the Badische Bahnhof 09:00

At 16:45 we meet at the bus stop to get back to the station for the journey back to Basel.

Reservations to:
Angie Meier-Jones
Using the Registration Form below or
Email: or mobile 079 322 44 52
By Friday, 06 October 2023 please

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