Start: 29 March 2019
14 h 30 min
End: 29 March 2019
16 h 30 min

Event Venue

Waterfall Plaza, Via in di Pradon, 6921 VICO MORCOTE, Switzerland

GPS: 45.9297677, 8.9226272999999

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Mrs Patty Pellegrini, Via Baroffio 1, 6850 Mendrisio, tel:091 6465352, or to Mrs Penny Osti, tel/fax: 091 9701654. Email:, Mrs Beverly Ortelli, tel: 091 630 0086 e-mail:

This famous garden in Vico Morcote suffered serious damage in the recent violent storms in Ticino and Northern Italy, as you can read in the following report.

29th October 2018  Waterfall Plaza.  Vico  Morcote. Much rain today and the wind seems to be picking up. Opening the kitchen door on Monday Morning our view across Lake Lugano seemed somewhat different. We could now see the Hotel, Cafe and cable car of the Monte Generoso on the opposite side of the Lake. The difference being that the magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora which blocked our view when in leaf or bloom had disappeared overnight. Unfortunately the garden has also lost 5 large Magnolia and until the clear up has taken place we still cannot estimate what has been lost beneath the fallen trees.  Parco San Grato in CARONA has also suffered, as has the Lake side in Figino which looks absolutely devastated. although these are small losses compared to the loss of life and the millions of trees lost in Northern Italy on the same night as the storm passed through.

Nature cannot be tamed. That is obvious when we look back to the storms of 1987 in England and the devastation which took place over a 24 hour period again in the month of October.

In the Spring of 2019 at Waterfall Plaza, Daphne, Magnolia, Camelia, Rhododendron, Azalea, Peonia and other wonderful trees, bushes and plants will all again burst into bloom and scent, as Sir Peter Smithers, the creator of this garden would expect. We shall remember the ones which are no longer here to bloom again with sadness.

We hope to see you all here once again in the Spring.
Sheila Spencer Winter

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