Start: 18 September 2018
13 h 40 min
End: 18 September 2018
17 h 00 min

Event Venue

Haus zum Rech, Neumarkt 4, 8001 Zürich

GPS: 47.3724319, 8.545761

The exhibition in the “Haus zum Rech” this month, is religious buildings, cloisters, chapels etc. that were abolished at the reformation.
It is very small (takes under 20 minutes to see) but interesting as it brings to light lost buildings, superimposing the old ones on today’s street plan.
Also, in the 16th century the house was occupied by Zwingli’s friends and coreligionists. He would have known it well.

Afterwards we can meet and chat at the Kantorei Restaurant opposite.

Time: 13.40 outside Haus zum Rech, or 14.00 at the Restaurant
Cost: Pay for what you consume
Getting there: Tram 3, Bus 31, Neumarkt

Reservations to: or 044 984 23 27


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