Start: 26 February 2020
15 h 30 min
End: 26 February 2020
18 h 30 min

Event Venue

Kunsthaus Zürich, 1 Heimplatz, 8001 Zürich

GPS: 47.3702367, 8.5481596

Ottilia, the daughter of Giovanni and Annetta Giacometti and sister of Alberto, Diego and Bruno. is the least-known figure in the family. She died in 1937 at just 33 at the birth of her son Silvio.

Some 60 paintings, drawings and sculptures by Giovanni and Alberto Giacometti show Ottilia as a child, adolescent and young woman. The last section of the exhibition looks at the portraits of her son Silvio created by Alberto between 1943 and 1945: for Alberto, Ottilia’s memory lived on in his nephew, of whom he was extremely fond.

Wednesday is not only open until 20.00 but is discount day for seniors.
Entrance to the general art collection is free and the Kunsthaus restaurant opposite, offers coffee and a cake all day for CHF: 7.50 as well as smaller less expensive menu portions midday at least.
BRA members could just meet up at 17h00 and see the exhibition, afterwards as the art gallery only closes at 20h00, or just for a chat for a round table discussion.
Something NE would like to start, but a venue needs to be decided. Any ideas?

16h00 to view the exhibition.
17h00 or later meet in the snack bar or the restaurant opposite

CHF: 16.- 
CHF: 11.- (for concessions)

Joanna or Diana for more information, i.e. hopefully audio guides in English
Joanna Koch,  Email: or Diana Divo, Tel: 044 984 23 27 

Fees & Tickets