Start: 14 August 2019
15 h 00 min
End: 14 August 2019
17 h 30 min

Event Venue

Alte Landstrasse 89, 8802 Kilchberg

GPS: 47.3267062, 8.5449237

At the home of BRA Member, Joanna Koch.
Weather permitting we can be in the garden, with a view of the Lake,  enjoy greeting  Members from the Glarus English Club and the Zug ladies, listen to  Ernestine Smythe talk about her  second book, and  Maryann Herr recall her time  many years ago in Pakistan when husband Max directed the first Pan American Hotel there, and end with a  singalong by Kevin Smythe and his ukele. 

At the Gemeindehaus, the Sanatorium Park House, or down the Paradiesstrasse. 
161 from Burkliplatz, to Stop Sanatorium, opposite the house or
8 & 24 from the Main Station, descend at Kilchberg, and  have short steep walk uphill, direction Sanatorium.

We are grateful for contribution of CHF: 8.-  towards expenses. 

Reservations to:
To facilitate catering, please contact Joanna Koch, email: or mobile: 076 319 4146

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