Start: 27 April 2019
17 h 30 min
End: 27 April 2019
23 h 59 min

The Favourite, a star studded, acclaimed film about Queen Anne and her favourites, was released about a month ago so it should still be showing in Zürich in April.
If you want to see it join us and then have a snack afterwards.

Hopefully it will be in the Bellvue area, or Central, where there are several Italian or similar suitable restaurants.
Should “The Favourite” no longer be running then another British film could be chosen. (Suggestions always welcomed.)

At the cinema to be named ASAP

Please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can send you more information when available nearer the time.

Joanna Koch on or Tel:076 319 4146 or
Diana Divo on or Tel:044 984 2327

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