Start: 11 November 2020
14 h 30 min
End: 18 November 2020
17 h 00 min

Event Venue

Protezione degli Animali Trovatelli del Ceresio e Mendrisiotto, Via Cantonale 99, 6818 Melano

GPS: 45.9154914, 8.9847029

Date to be confirmed (Mid November)
We are going to organize a late autumn visit to the local animal refuge, La Protezione Animali di Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio..situated in Melano.
Beverly is on the committee for the refuge, a volunteer along with several animal-mad ladies along with a few husbands roped in to help out with the ‘heavy’ stuff!!
Taken over by the small committee two years ago when the previous owner passed away, it has been a long haul to get it up to the standard it is today.
A total of 74 cats, along with several rabbits, birds, degu and a chinchilla make up the family all lovingly cared for.
We look for new forever homes for our animals but those who are not re-homed stay with us for their natural lives.

Penny and Beverly would like to invite members to come along, with some tasty pieces of cooked chicken or ham if they wish to make a cat their new best friend!!
We plan an afternoon visit and will then have coffee somewhere near the lake of Lugano to complete the afternoon.  

Reservations to:
Mrs Patty Pellegrini, Via Baroffio 1, 6850 Mendrisio, tel: 091 646 5352, or
Mrs Penny Osti, tel/fax: 091 970 1654 Email: or
Mrs Beverly Ortelli, tel: 091 630 0086 Email: 


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