Start: 16 June 2021
15 h 00 min
End: 16 June 2021
17 h 30 min

Event Venue

Protezione degli Animali Trovatelli del Ceresio e Mendrisiotto, Via Cantonale 99, 6818 Melano

GPS: 45.9154914, 8.9847029

Visit to Protezione animali centre in Mendrisiotto followed by tea offered at Beverly’s house.
Car sharing could be arranged. Bring little bits of chicken or similar treats.

Reservations to:
Mrs Beverly Ortelli, tel: 091 630 0086 e-mail: 
Mrs Penny Osti, tel/fax: 091 9701654 e-mail:

Remember to let us know if you need a lift and please book in very good time.
This will be particularly important if we are restricted in the number of participants that we are allowed for each event.

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