Start: 15 April 2021
14 h 30 min
End: 15 April 2021
16 h 30 min

Event Venue

Waterfall Plaza,Via in di Pradon,  6921 Vico Morcote, TI

GPS: 45.9297677, 8.9226273

In 2020 we were sad to miss the visit to this world-famous garden, because of lockdown, but very much look forward to be able to enjoy the glorious magnolia and scented Daphne all underplanted with carpets of flowers.
Sheila has offered two possible dates, March 22 and April 15,  in case we have a very hard winter, there may not be many magnolias etc in flower.
She very generously said that if members were coming from afar, one date might suit them better than the other, so they would have a choice.2021.


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Mrs Beverly Ortelli, tel: 091 630 0086 e-mail:

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