Start: 10 October 2022
10 h 30 min
End: 10 October 2022
17 h 00 min

Event Venue

Ex-scuola, Bruzella, Val di Muggio

GPS: 45.8910444, 9.0395898

We have already been to one photographic exhibition from the private collection of Phil and Rosella Rolla which was enjoyed by our members.
This time Phil, recovering from a very serious illness, was looking though his many archives and came across a roll of film which had not been developed.
To his surprise it contained photos he took  in the early 1970’s of the California he grew up in.
Some lovely photos of places which sadly no longer exist.
Well worth the visit I can assure you.

Rosella, his wife, will give us a guided tour and afterwards we will go to a local restaurant for afternoon tea or coffee.


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