Start: 27 July 2021
14 h 00 min
End: 27 July 2021
17 h 00 min

Event Venue

Eric's Cafe Balgrist

GPS: 47.3541904, 8.5755963

A walk beside the shady Wehrenbachtobel to the Zurihorn.
From Burgwies, easy 35 minutes or ca 15 minutes longer, slightly steeper natural path from Balgrist.
Solid shoes recommended.
The walk ends at the Zürihorn restaurant by the lake.

11 tram or Forchbahn or 14.20 at Burgwies tram stop, Denner side by the underpass, for a shorter walk.

Balgrist, some street parking by the café.
Burgwies parking, Migros or Denner side.

Reservations to: Diana Divo
Email: : or telephone: 044 984 23 27

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