Start: 29 September 2018
12 h 00 min
End: 29 September 2018
23 h 59 min

Event Venue

Grossmunster Cathedral, Grossmünsterplatz, 8001 Zurich

GPS: 47.3700931, 8.544054

Who is aware that the Reformation in Zurich affected the world in a major way and the ultimate success depended upon one woman’s action?  Ulrich Zwingli is probably the most influential Swiss who ever lived, but for the past 500 years he has not been given the credit he deserves.  The Rev. Catherine McMillan will be with us to give us the background.  She is the Ambassador for the Reformation in Zurich – born in Edinburgh, raised in the US, educated in Montpelier, Strasbourg, Heidelberg and Tübingen, ordained to the ministry of the Reformed Church near Zurich and a regular speaker on Swiss Television.  Due to her international background she was given the task of wakening interest.  Hence her title of “Ambassador”

We are delighted and honoured that Catherine McMillan will lead us through an afternoon illuminating little known facts about Zwingli.  After lunch, we will be at the “Helferei” just near the Grossmünster for her talk.  She will then take us to the Grossmünster and look at the first printed German Bible, the beautiful Kloister Garden and finish up with tea back at the Helferei.

Reservations: Contact Joanna Koch for other fascinating details about Zwingli and she will be happy to send you the rest of Rev. McMillan’s information.  This should be a wonderful afternoon and will provide a good background for the blockbuster about Zwingli which is coming to our cinema screens in January 2019. 



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