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BRA Members were happy to attend this special concert at the KKL – the Lucerne Concert Hall – with three international composers and played by the City Light Symphony Orchestra.

First –  “Superman – I Like Pink – I Can Fly – To the Moon”
by John Towner Williams, born 1932 in the USA – a composer, conductor and pianist with fantastic film scores.   

Then “The All-Seeing Sky” by John Psathas. 
A New Zealand / Greek composer  born  1966 in New Zealand. 

After the Interval Gustav Holst’s famous “The Planets ”. 
This well known British composer was born 1874 in Cheltenham and in 1896 he was connected to Ralph Vaughan Williams. 

The City Light Symphony Orchestra started in autumn 2018.
It is a large Orchestra with over 100 musicians – many of them young – playing about 18 different instruments, including two wonderful Percussionists.

Conductor Kevin Griffiths was absolutely inspirational. Watching him conduct with great feelings – it seemed his  huge energetic movements really made all play with great emotion (and energy).

After the concert Kevin Griffiths invited us to a “Meet and Greet” behind the Stage – a lovely ending to the whole evening.  
It was especially inspiring for two young boys in our group, aged 11 and 13, meeting the conductor and listening to Kevin talking about the inspirational music. I think this was their first concert and they were so impressed with the whole evening – the big orchestra, the energetic percussion duo, interesting music and the impressive KKL Concert Hall. 
At the top of the building they found the view over the lake and distant mountains fascinating.  

Thank you so much Kevin Griffiths and the City Light Symphony Orchestra. 

Joanna Koch