Literally between thunderstorms and rain storms we celebrated the Queen‘s Birthday. Despite the cold we had a lovely get together rejoicing that we could once again be attending an event. Alan Chalmers proposed the loyal toast to the Queen and the Federal Council of the Swiss Federation and of course we also raised a glass […]


We finally managed to hold our first outdoor event without having to cancel! At first the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms and rain but in the end, as you can see on the pictures, we were outside on the lawn of the Rebstock restaurant enjoying lovely warm, sunny weather. A joy to be holding such an […]

Barbecue / Picnic

We decided to go ahead with our yearly BBQ but with a slight difference, we made it into a picnic as well as a BBQ and everyone bought their own food and drinks along. The grill was provided for those who wanted to grill their meat. The wasps were out in force and it was […]

Cheese Fondue Evening

What better way to keep up the spirits in the bleak midwinter than with a combination of wine, bread and cheese? In January at the trendy Basel restaurant, Ufer7, we were served a delicious cheese fondue with these ingredients plus mini potatoes to dip with. The restaurant describes itself as “urban Swiss” and upstairs the […]


All over Switzerland the different regions had been or were holding their Christmas lunches. Basel chose Friday the 13th December for theirs. In the Restaurant Schluesselzunft a beautiful old Basel restaurant members and guests enjoyed a Christmas turkey dinner. I would like to thank all the members who attend our events helping to make them […]

Visit to the Chrysanthema, Lahr Germany

The charming old town Lahr, in the Black Forest, just north of Freiburg, becomes even more enchanting for three weeks in autumn, when the Chrysanthema is held. The whole town centre is decorated with thousands of chrysanthemums in full bloom. A group from the North-West region went by train from Basel and was met by […]

Summer BBQ

The Eisweiher Hut in Riehen once again provided the venue for this traditional event. Statistics now show that out of the last 20 years it has only rained once. And again, we picked a perfect day, glorious sunshine with a breeze to keep temperatures bearable. Green fields all around and plenty of storks feeding not […]

QBP NW Region

At 17:30 on our way to the QBP the heavens opened up and it poured, then it hailed and the wind was ferocious but just before 18:00 hours the sun came out and it was QBP as usual. Once again held at the hotel Merian, in the cafe Spitz where we have the balcony on […]