This year the Queens Birthday Party Cocktails were held at our fast becoming venue of choice – The Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola on 6th June where we were treated to some very tasty nibbles in the delightful Sala del Camino as our idea of holding the party in the grounds as originally planned were thwarted […]


On a lovely sunny autumn day in Ticino, a group of members made their way to see the show of birds in flight at the Falconeria in Locarno and what a show it was. Falcons, owls, vultures and eagles and other birds of prey flew directly overhead from one trainer to another – always being […]

Ticino Spring Lunch

We shall remember our spring lunch at the Gallo d’Oro as it was the last time that seventeen members from the Ticino were able to meet and enjoy a happy occasion together. I brought 3 bottles of sanitizing gel with me to put on the tables and there was no hand shaking or physical contact, […]

Autumn Lunch

We had our Autumn Lunch on a beautiful day at the Osteria Gallo d’Oro. We were twenty with 18 members and 2 guests. One of the guests has  been offered membership of BRA by the person who invited her to the lunch, as a gift and is in the process of applying to become a […]