Lunch at the Fork & Bottle

In July Members from the BRA NE Region visited the Fork and Bottle for a lunch of fish and chips… or some other plate if one so wished. Seating outside under the trees is always convivial and it didn’t rain!  A good time was had by all. 🙂 In fact the Fork and Bottle is […]


The BRA NE Region traditional New Year’s gathering had some added zest when it kicked-off with a good social meeting at The British Cheese Stand in Zurich’s Markthalle. It is a totally casual get-together at Mike Jones’s stand and visibly enjoyed by all. The conversation flowed and Joanna Koch thanked us all for coming and […]


We did not have enough members to justify a separate tour for BRA but a few intrepid (chocoholics?) joined a public tour in English later that day. It may sound a failure but everyone agreed it was excellent and informative and highly recommended. Many members regretted they could not come but were out of Switzerland. […]


At the last minute we had to change the date from Tuesday  9 July  to Thursday 11 July, nevertheless  twelve old, new and prospective members plus two dogs could enjoy a jolly lunch together.  Weather a bit too cold to sit outside.   Most of us enjoyed the   delicious Fish and Chips, served on a  strip  […]


Honouring Queen Elizabeth’s birthday at the beautiful Belvoir Park Restaurant, near Enge station.   The weather was not very kind but we gathered under the Terrace awning  and could still enjoy views of the Belvoir Garden.    Dani Schulz, our bagpipe player of many years welcomed  everyone, mingled with guests and  played in the surrounding garden.  […]

A  special Lunch at the newly opened Education Centre

Monica Shah, a BRA Member   has just opened this Centre which upholds the British tradition of early and diverse education – education is not just schooling.    Robin Hull,  Director of the Zurich Hull School gave a comprehensive survey of all aspects of schooling in Switzerland. We enjoyed an informal buffet lunch and meeting with  […]


We are grateful to the  Zurich Reformation Ambassador,  Protestant Minister Catherine McMillan.  Last year she led us through an afternoon on Zwingli,  who  introduced the Reformation into Switzerland.  It was a different approach to  the Reformation in Germany.  It gave rise to  a welfare state in Switzerland, laid the foundation for the UN and eventually […]

Lakeside Walk and Informal Lunch

On a chilly Sunday, on 17 March, a group of 10 BRA Members from the North East Region, plus a child and dogs met up at the BĂĽrkliplatz, ZĂĽrich, for what has become a traditional Lakeside Walk. It was cloudy but the view of the snow-clad mountains glittering in the sun at the end of […]

Oskar Kokoschka Exhibition

Five intrepid art lovers went to see the Kokoschka retrospective at the ZĂĽrich Kunsthaus on Saturday 9th February.  The artist, almost a vagabond, lived in Vienna, a long time in England before ending his years and changing his nationality in Switzerland. He remained true to his art, not wavering to cubism or other modern movements. […]

Concert in KKL

No, not another boring commentary on Brexit by someone who knows nothing, but part of the text of a Walt Whitman poem set to music by Ralph Vaughan Williams . . . What a lovely surprise we had on the 20th January in the KKL Luzern, a visit arranged by the BRA  with a table […]