Monthly Sunday Brunch 2021

BRA Romandie-East Region Members, were happy to meet up again for our regular Monthly Sunday Brunch this year after a break of 6 months due to Covid 19 restrictions. We had all missed our Full English breakfast which Zenhäusern bakery/tea-room/restaurant in Sierre serves up especially for us, accompanied by a glass of freshly pressed orange […]


According to the legend, a shepherd, in 1640, noticed his flock licking the rocks above le Bouillet and so the salt industry was born. The rock is gypsum, which is very absorbent; it was during the Triassic Period (180-220 million years ago), that the oceans evaporated creating an industry that was hugely important to the […]

QBP – Croquet & Picnic

Romandie-East members celebrated HM the Queen’s Birthday with its annual picnic and croquet competition in Sion. The standard of play has been raised this year by the recent establishment of “Croquet Valais Group” some of who are members of the Swiss Croquet association, this was evident as we watched some hard-fought matches. To make the […]


CHÂTEAU DE CHILLON On a beautiful, rain free evening, we watched this performance, in the knowledge that we would be entertained by the remarkable acting talent of the young cast in the Château’s courtyard, but overwhelmed with the question, what message this play sends. Hamlet is a complex character. He comes across as being self-obsessed […]

Château de Vullierens Visit

This beautiful château was built between 1706 and 1712 by Gabriel Hernri de Mestral, and stands on a former fiefdom, and site of a medieval fortress. The seignory of Vullierens was passed through marriage, or inheritance until it became the property of the Bovet de Mestral family.  A Vullierens noble family can be traced back […]

Fondue at Gruyères

Molly Arnold from the NW Region suggested a trip to Gruyères and this writer devoid of any innovative ideas as to excursions, gratefully took up her recommendation. Under the coronavirus prevailing rules, we had to eat at a restaurant with outside tables, with adequate protection against inclement weather conditions, and with the restriction of 4 to […]

Monthly Sunday Brunch

It is now a year since Romandie East Region, BRA Members, friends and guests, regularly get together for our Monthly Sunday Brunch at Zenhäusern bakery/tea-room/restaurant in Sierre. They serve up especially for us, a Full English breakfast, which is accompanied by a glass of freshly pressed orange juice, coffee or tea, and toast. We provide the […]

2020 – Monthly Round Table, Conthey (Valais)

2020 and a new year has begun….. Romandie East Region, BRA Members and friends are still meeting at our traditional Monthly Round Table, which have become a regular event where we get together on the every 7th of every month. After having a drink, some good food, catching up with each others news … it’s […]

Chinese New Year Lunch 2020

This year the Chinese New Lunar Year of the “Rat” started on the 25th January and BRA Members, friends and visitors all got together to celebrate with lunch at Paradiso “Chez Chou”, Chinese restaurant in Sion town. We were warmly welcomed back this year by the restaurant’s owner and staff and the food service was […]