Monthly Sunday Brunch 2022

We continue to meet up for our English Breakfast on the last Sunday of every month, enjoying good company and efficient service from the Zenhäusern restaurant staff. It’s a great moment to catch up with everyone and hear their news. Deborah Gorsatt New photos will be added each month…


SUMMER PICNIC & CROQUET AFTERNOON On one of the hottest June days on record, members competed in the 11th annual Romandie-East croquet tournament. As one BRA  Member said ” Even the oldies can play this game “. It is always a wonderful day because we have our guest of honour, Mr. David Underhill, President of the Swiss Croquet […]


We love to go awandering… The invitation was to a scenic train journey from Montreux to Saanenmöser and a walk down through the flowers to Gstaad for lunch. The instructions were clear “See you at Montreux gare, Thursday, 12 May”.  Optimistically, Andrew had declared “The weather forecast is not promising but I am carrying on regardless and […]

Monthly Luncheon, Conthey (VS)

It is lovely to meet for lunch each month and chat about what everyone has been doing or things that are currently in the news. The staff at the Auberge Buffet de la Gare are always very welcoming and efficient. We are served with delicious food for a reasonable price.  We have also had BRA […]

Monthly Sunday Brunch 2021

BRA Romandie-East Region Members, were happy to meet up again for our regular Monthly Sunday Brunch this year after a break of 6 months due to Covid 19 restrictions. We had all missed our Full English breakfast which Zenhäusern bakery/tea-room/restaurant in Sierre serves up especially for us, accompanied by a glass of freshly pressed orange […]


BRA Members met up to have their Christmas Lunch at the Hostellerie de Genève in Vevey. As the photos below show, we all had a wonderful time meeting old friends and making new ones. All thoroughly enjoyed their Traditional British Christmas Turkey Lunch with all the trimmings and Christmas Pudding. Deborah Gorsatt


According to the legend, a shepherd, in 1640, noticed his flock licking the rocks above le Bouillet and so the salt industry was born. The rock is gypsum, which is very absorbent; it was during the Triassic Period (180-220 million years ago), that the oceans evaporated creating an industry that was hugely important to the […]

QBP – Croquet & Picnic

Romandie-East members celebrated HM the Queen’s Birthday with its annual picnic and croquet competition in Sion. The standard of play has been raised this year by the recent establishment of “Croquet Valais Group” some of who are members of the Swiss Croquet association, this was evident as we watched some hard-fought matches. To make the […]