An Evening with Bacchus

The sun had just set as we arrived at the Domaine des Biolles in Founex/ Chataignieraz on 26 October and as we entered the carnotzet, a warmer and more welcoming sight could not have met our eyes.  The beautiful old oak timbers, the warmly coloured flagstone floor, the smiling faces, the long table filled with innumerable goodies, were all lit by a huge log fire blazing in the large, old fire place.  People had already started to sample the delicious wines of the Domaine belonging to the Deblue family. As people arrived conversation became ever more animated as they recognized faces that that they hadn’t seen for some time.  The warming effect of the wine undoubtedly helped off-set any feelings of shyness and newcomers were warmly welcomed.  Many of those present had brought along delicious canapés which were enthusiastically sampled and enjoyed.  I was lucky to have my daughter visiting me so she came along also and was soon happily exchanging views and engaged in animated conversations with other guests.  Despite the age difference between her and most of those present, she said at the end of the evening how very much she’d enjoyed herself and how lucky I was to know such lively and interesting people.  Very true!

A few of our memory shortcomings were revealed when we had a light-hearted quiz but it all added to the fun of the evening.  Huge thanks are due to Pam Walsh and the two friends who were visiting her  They spent a considerable time before and after the event to enable us all to enjoy an evening of light-hearted conversations, meeting with old friends and making new ones.  Let’s hope that we’ll all meet again at other events scheduled by Romandie West in the future.

Rosemary Billinge