Who would ever think of exhibiting cartoons and caricatures of our Queen and the royal family dating back to 1962?
Well a group of enthusiastic BRA members and friends went to find out and we met at the Maison du Dessin de Presse in Morges.
We spent a good hour and a half looking at these cartoons – some of them funny some of them quite offensive and some ridiculously rude! But this was a gathering we had not  had for a while and it was great to be together again.
Our visit was so intense that I forgot to take photographs so you will just have to imagine a group of lovely BRA people wandering around an exhibition and then going across the road for a lovely cup of tea  and a cake or tart and enjoying themselves.
How fortunate we are to be living in this beautiful country which has not only breathtaking  views but also has  people with initiative who can think of paying tribute to our Queen on her platinum jubilee with an unusual but fascinating style of art?
For our first event of the season I am very happy that we had the opportunity to visit this extraordinary venue
Pam Walsh and Ted Talbot