Autumn Lunch

Autumn Lunch
Ticino and Grisons Region

We had our Autumn Lunch on a beautiful day at the Osteria Gallo d’Oro. We were twenty with 18 members and 2 guests. One of the guests has  been offered membership of BRA by the person who invited her to the lunch, as a gift and is in the process of applying to become a member.

We started with a cool pro secco on the covered terrace, with the view of the snow on the mountains nearby. We had plenty of time to circulate, to welcome our new future member, and those from further afield or just back from their travels.
The excellent lunch was inside the osteria, in a room reserved for us. With an exceptional standard of freshly made dishes and plenty of choice throughout, served by good humoured staff, we were able to really relax and enjoy the occasion.
We were treated to cantucci and vin santo as well as our coffee before setting off in our various directions. We were delighted to have our treasurer with us, who had had hours of trains and buses to attend our lunch ‘on his way’ to Saas Fee.
Local members were pleased to have the chance to have a chat and get to know him.

Penny Osti