British Residents’ Association of Switzerland


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What a beautiful place to hold the BRA’s Autumn Luncheon. Vevey welcomed us to the shores of Lake Geneva where, besides stunning Alpine views over the lake, one can visit the nutrition museum Alimentarium (Vevey is the home of Nestle!) and, of course, the Charlie Chaplin World with his statue in the town immortalizing his link to the region where he made his home.

The Luncheon held at the Hotel Astra was a most enjoyable event. Our guest speaker was Jo Fahy, a British multimedia journalist who moved to Switzerland in 2010. Jo has worked in television, radio and on-line. She is head of Multimedia and Social Media Led for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SRG International. Amongst other things, she experiments with mobile filming, which means on-line you can take a look around her studio in 360 degrees.
Jo and her partner Simon Zryd, have their own podcast @swissandchips, which aims to help newcomers to Switzerland but also helps many Swiss learn about their country. Jo gave an informative and humorous account of her path to broadcasting multimedia and ably joined in a lively exchange with those present about the technicalities, legalities and ethics of modern social media and journalism.

Having had a good meal and learned many new long words, we went home happy, more aware of how modern digital communications worked and ready for a diet of more @swissandchips.

Angie S. Meier-Jones