Barbecue / Picnic

Barbecue / Picnic
North-West Region

We decided to go ahead with our yearly BBQ but with a slight difference, we made it into a picnic as well as a BBQ and everyone bought their own food and drinks along.
The grill was provided for those who wanted to grill their meat.

The wasps were out in force and it was soon obvious who could calmly stay seated and those of us, including me, who danced around the tables swatting them off.

Usually we all contribute salads and desserts and put them in the hut on tables for everyone to help themselves to but as we had all bought our own food it worked very well and saved a lot of clearing and washing up at the end.
It worked so well we decided on the same procedure next year!

Lovely to get together again after the lockdown.
Social distancing was respected and once again, as every year, we had really hot weather.

Angie Meier-Jones