Bowling & Pizza Evening

Bowling & Pizza Evening
Romandie-East Region

We managed to round up 10 enthusiastic players for our Bowling evening in Conthey, close to Sion.
Following our meal, we donned our bowling shoes and divided into two groups.
Admittedly, gutters were more frequent than strikes but we took it in our stride and every-one was in good spirits 🙂
Rosy proved to be a whiz at bowling, just as she was with croquet. Andy looked like he had been practising as not to be outdone by his female counterparts.
I used a bowling ramp so that I could join in the fun without doing myself any damage, this did lead to a rather healthy score in the second game.
Deborah’s friend Jenny, took home the winning prize of some festive British biscuits.

An experience to be repeated some time in 2019.

Diane Moretti