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BRA members travelled to Sion town, not only from the Valais, but also from Lausanne and Zurich.
Many were glad to see the Union Jack flying outside the restaurant, which made it obvious where they should meet up.

We were warmly welcomed at the Restaurant Paradiso “Chez Chou” where we celebrated the Chinese New Year of the pig, in a private room with a view of Hong Kong and a dedicated waitress just for us.
There was ample choice on the buffet lunch menu which consisted of 1st starter, 2nd starter and choice of 3 main courses with rice.

After getting everyone’s attention, Deborah wished all “Gong hei fat choy” and made a few announcements, as well as wishing Vanessa a Happy Birthday.
Shanna our waitress for the day, then came round to take our choice of meal.

People chatted amongst themselves and got to know each other and the volume in the room only went down when the food was served.
As the coffee arrived, our waitress came in with a ball of ice-cream with a sparkler in it and we all sang a happy birthday to Vanessa.
We all then paid for our meal and said our goodbyes, before making our way home.

Deborah Gorsatt