Ticino and Grisons Region

On a lovely sunny autumn day in Ticino, a group of members made their way to see the show of birds in flight at the Falconeria in Locarno and what a show it was.
Falcons, owls, vultures and eagles and other birds of prey flew directly overhead from one trainer to another – always being rewarded by tasty tidbits with the main trainer giving us a running commentary on the origin of the various birds and their habits.
Even the music playing in the background seemed to be especially chosen to match the character of each bird…
At the end of the show we were treated to the splendid spectacle of a wolf with its owner and a display of a white horse being guided by one of the trainers. All in all an enjoyable experience and one to recommend to any visitor, young or not so young, to the Ticino.

A really delightful visit followed by a delicious lunch in Giubiasco at the hotel La Tureta where we have been before and will certainly be going again. 🙂 

Muriel and Beverly