Fun Fondue in Founex

Fun Fondue in Founex
Romandie-West Region

It was a day of torrential rain and poor visibility – not a good omen for driving out to a vineyard’s “Carnotzet”. Nevertheless, despite the weather and the coronavirus scare,19 members and guests made it to la Domaine des Biolles, Chataigneriaz near the village of Founex in Vaud.

Organisers Pam Walsh and Jan Powell welcomed us to the ancient and cosy Carnotzet, its log fire blazing, its famous Chasselas perfectly cooled, dried meat delicacies on display and fondue pots ready to do their job in satisfying our appetites. This Fondue Evening, our Region’s first social event for 2020, provided the perfect ambience in which to meet friends of old, as well as new faces. It also provided a chance to announce plans in hand for further social gatherings in the months to come, all designed to attract a strong level of support from existing and new members.

No Fun Evening could be allowed to end without us all sharing in a team quiz. On this occasion, the theme and the questions were naturally based on cheese. Teams performed very well – whilst still teasing the Quizmaster – and everyone learned something new about the world of cheeses.

Who, amongst the entire BRA membership, knows which country produces the largest amount of cheese?

Thank you again, Pam, Jan and their helpers, for putting on another enjoyable show.

Alan Baker