Central Region

Although for many years I have had a Swiss passport stating that I am Neuchâteloise, I had never taken the Chaumont funiculaire and I am very glad that I finally did. Thanks to Joy’s precise instructions it was easy to find and the decision to hold the fondue at midday rather than in the evening was a wise one.
Not only did we have clear views of the beautiful scenery in broad daylight, but also it was easier for those living farther afield to attend. So we were a group of 19 who admired the glorious vista of lake and mountains, both during the journey up and on arrival. The mild and sunny weather was perfect, and only the sprinkling of snow on the ground at the top reminded us that it was still February.
Despite the tasty fondue being rather slow to make its appearance (understandably the restaurant was extremely busy on such a fine day), lively chatter made the time pass quickly.
The panorama was of course spectacular, but as is often the case at such events, much of the pleasure came from the friendly exchanges and diversity of those present. Thank you Joy for organizing this outing.

Beryl Baillod