Lakeside Walk and Informal Lunch

Lakeside Walk and Informal Lunch
North-East Region

On a chilly Sunday, on 17 March, a group of 10 BRA Members from the North East Region, plus a child and dogs met up at the Bürkliplatz, Zürich, for what has become a traditional Lakeside Walk.
It was cloudy but the view of the snow-clad mountains glittering in the sun at the end of the lake was stunning, and the rain held off. An hour-long walk beside the lake to the Rote Fabrik helped work up an appetite.
Here the Ziegel oh lac restaurant provided sustenance for all tastes, including an impressive array of Rösti dishes. The relaxed atmosphere was appreciated by all.
Some returned on foot, others caught the bus back to town and had a chance to discover the Cassiopeia broadwalk, which closes the gap to Wollishofen harbour. The view from this vantage point was even better than from Zurich.
A most enjoyable outing; many thanks to the organizers.

Frances Filon