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A warm and sunny afternoon saw BRA members meet at the Park Café of the Unique Hotel Innere Enge, in Bern.
After a first refreshment 12 of us collected our golf club, ball and score card to start our Mini-Golf competition.

The first 9 holes were relatively easy with several “holes-in-one” scores for some.
Then things became more challenging with some experience and technique needed to avoid sores of 6 or even 7 (i.e. gave up, too difficult).

After the minigolf, we collected for a 3-Tear Tea Party; tea/coffee, cucumber sandwiches and cakes, beautifully presented and served by Marian and the staff of the Park Café.

The score cards were counted and the winner this year was Rosemay (didn’t she win last year !!!).
Prizes were distributed with a special box of “After Eight’s” for Anne who had the highest score !!!

It was delightful afternoon and rendez-vous was taken for 2024.
We will have to do some serious training to beat Rosemay next year.

Helen Stoeckli-Evans