Monthly Sunday Brunch

Monthly Sunday Brunch
Romandie-East Region
29th September

3 guests joined us this month for our scrumptious monthly English breakfast in Sierre.
Deborah Gorsatt

30th June 2019

This event is now very popular with Romandie East BRA Members  as well as Members from other BRA regions.
We also had a few new faces and visitors who join us this month. 🙂
Deborah Gorsatt

28th April 2019

A smaller group of us met up this month but it was as enjoyable as ever.
Zenhäusern Bakery are really getting the hang of cooking an English breakfast now 🙂 
Looking forward to the next one.
Deborah Gorsatt

31st March 2019

22 of us met up this month for our English Breakfast Brunch, this was the biggest turn out yet.
Attending were new BRA members, long standing BRA members who joined us for the first time, new people who came to meet us and visitors.
Deborah Gorsatt

24th February 2019

On the last Sunday of February, BRA Members and 4 guest, some who came all the way from the Zurich area of Switzerland, got together for our Monthly Sunday Brunch.
This was the first time that Zenhäusern bakery/tea-room/restaurant in Sierre has served an English breakfast, this was accompanied by a glass of freshly pressed orange juice, coffee or tea, and toast.

As we tucked into our feast, everyone chatted and got to know each other.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 Roll on the next Brunches. 🙂
Deborah Gorsatt

Below photos from the different dates in 2019