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We had a record number of people coming to enjoy this event, many BRA Members and friends as well as two Consulates.

Although the weather was not too bad, the grass was too wet, so we enjoyed being together in one of the Belvoir beautiful rooms rather than being scattered around the garden.    

The Bagpipe player “Shorty”, welcomed everyone at the front door and then towards the end of the event played some lovely pieces in our Banqueting room.

Zita the Butler, organised the Belvoir Restaurant to provide “British type” food and gave a small talk about how she was at the London Butler School and when qualified was able to go to Buckingham Palace and organise “Swiss Teas” for the Queen.

Bob Dean welcomed us all to the event, we were so delighted that our hard working Chairwoman Angela Meier – Jones and Regina Sauter, a Swiss Member of Parliament both gave us a lovely talks.
11 year old Dominico went round to everyone with our Queen’s birthday card which we will send to her and we expect once again a lovely reply.

We were also happy that Freda Alschuler brought one of her portraits of our Queen, which was placed on an easel and was lovely to look at.

Kevin Griffiths and his impressive Duo played some lovely British music and ended up with the Land of Hope and Glory which we could all sing along to and feel inspired.

Many honourable greetings and tributes to our dear Queen Elizabeth were expressed.

Joanna Koch