North-East Region

The NE Region QBP at the Belvoir Restaurant in Zurich was much enjoyed by all. Member Vivienne Graw wrote she was privileged to be part of the celebration and it was lovely to see both familiar and new faces. The magnificent surroundings and the view of the lake – enhanced by the sunshine and the bagpipe music was a highlight. A big thank you to the organisers and she thought the hard work behind the scenes was underestimated. Ingrid Meredith felt it an honour to raise our glasses to our outstanding Queen Elizabeth and to meet some interesting people in lovely warm weather. 

I was happy to give a Welcome to all, quoting Julia Riches one of our elderly members who wrote “that she has always been very proud of the British Royal Family – George Vl and his wife Queen Elizabeth who stayed in London during the War. Our present Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have carried on this tradition of service to the Country. As the Queen’s Consort, Prince Phillip always walked two paces behind her but did so with unfailing dignity year upon year. We should be thankful and honour his life.”

We were so pleased that Bill Longhurst the Consul General from the British Embassy gave us a very interesting description of the work undertaken by the Embassy in and with Switzerland in these difficult Brexit and Pandemic times. If anyone would like a copy of his speech, we would be happy to forward a copy.

We welcomed our newly joined BRA member, Kevin Griffiths, son of Howard Griffiths, also an international conductor who had organised a top concert at the Gstaad Music Festival in August.

We much appreciated the Hull School students who looked after registrations and display tables, and  they much enjoyed being part of this special Celebration.

Joanna Koch