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If you are looking for a spectacular event, forget Hollywood. Vevey is the go-to place this year! RE Entertainment have just launched a new blockbuster called Christmas Lunch — and it should be up there with the Oscars. The Scenario was based inside the Hostellerie de Genève on the Grande Place, Vevey. The Cast comprised a squadron of BRA members determined to enjoy a great day out. Bill Longhurst left his Deputy Head of Mission hat in the Embassy in Bern to make a cameo appearance experiencing Romandie fun and hospitality.

On the red carpet, the event was introduced by Impresario and Producer, Andrew Konecki, who welcomed all and led the assembled cast in toasting those who should be appreciated. He then handed proceedings over to the Director, Deborah (The Whirlwind) Gorsatt, and her team from the Elves’ Workshop. Deborah and her Elves, Rosy Andrey and Christine Tombet, les crème de la crème des crackers, hand-made the traditional Christmas crackers, each stuffed with really corny jokes, silly hats and a useful torch to help us find our way home after a good night.

After the usual air-kissing, handshakes and “Has it been so long?” greetings, we each found a place at the colourful, elf-decorated tables and the noise level rose by many decibels. That lasted until a hush fell around the room as the star of the show, known simply as The Chef, served his sumptuous meal. The meat was cooked to perfection. The delicious potatoes, vegetables, sauce, stuffing (smuggled in from UK); everything was there to remind us that this was Christmas Lunch as good as when mother used to cook it. (I still cannot work out why Di and Nando needed to fight over hot chestnuts.) After a short digestive break, it was time for some fire-raising as Deborah teased the Christmas Pudding with a bottle of alcohol and some matches. Deborah won and we all enjoyed reliving our schooldays when comfort food was warm, tasty and had a hint of alcohol. During all this excess of pleasure, many old friends were becoming re-acquainted while others were at the “Why have we not met before?” stage. Mr Snapper with his camera did a survey to choose the happiest table. It turned out be a dead heat including all tables.

We each went home with a full stomach and a warm heart (and a torch for the dark)…. and that is the best way to show our gratitude to those who had worked so hard to organise, prepare and present us with this highlight of the annual calendar.

Now what will I eat for the next 17 days?

Graham Robertson