Shakespeare at Château de Chillon

In the perfect theatrical setting of the Château de Chillon, by the shores of Lake Léman, BRA members enjoyed an open-air theatre performance on 8 June of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It took place in one of the château’s courtyards with stage props at a minimum as the surrounding walls, doors and staircases provided all that was required.

We had dined well beforehand in the deserted Taverne du Château de Chillon, across the way., which had kindly opened its kitchen early so that we could finish comfortably in time for the performance. The result was that we had seats at the front, and with no stage we had the extraordinary experience of being right in the action. Indeed, the actors seemed to be falling over us!

All the parts were played with skill and gusto by professional British actors who, despite their nationality, belonged to the American Drama Group Europe, a long-established, international group in this part of the world.

 It was a very enjoyable and memorable experience for us and well worth repeating when the Group returns on their next tour of performances in castles.

Andrew Bushnell