Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ
North-West Region

The Eisweiher Hut in Riehen once again provided the venue for this traditional event. Statistics now show that out of the last 20 years it has only rained once. And again, we picked a perfect day, glorious sunshine with a breeze to keep temperatures bearable. Green fields all around and plenty of storks feeding not far away.

Val Walder coordinated the event and our members enjoyed a fine main course with lots of salads and a desert buffet. Chicken legs, sausages, chops and even fish were soon sizzling and grilled to perfection.
Drinks consumed show an interesting development. Whereas in earlier years, beer was a favourite, we have, as befits, matured and moved on to more sophisticated drinks such as white and red wine.

However more important than the food and drink was the opportunity to meet once again with friends. In good British fashion, towards the end, everybody helped with the clearing up so that the hut could be turned over to the caretaker in perfect condition and on time.

Martin Rudolf