Central Region

BRA Members and friends met up at the “Unique Hotel Innere Enge” in Bern for a mini golf competition and afternoon tea.
We were accompanied by our family, and they thoroughly enjoyed chatting with everyone.

The weather was perfect, and duly armed with ball, club, and score card, we started out on the 18-hole course. For me it started fairly easy, but each hole became more complicated and some simply impossible. I could only add the minimum number to my score card. At times, it was hilarious and enjoyable watching other players getting a hole in one.
After we had completed the course, and completed our score cards, we retired to have afternoon tea.

Bern being Bern the definition of tea was flexible, some of us having beer or coffee. Marianne served us excellent cucumber sandwiches, followed by delicious cakes. Conversation was lively and Marianne told us about the yearly Jazz Festival in Bern. After the score cards had been counted, the winner was our daughter Fiona who won a bottle of wine from Marianne’s vineyard.  
The wine was excellent and we drank it to celebrate their stay in Bern.

I certainly hope it will be repeated next year and become an annual event with the BRA.
If it does, then we will be able to compete, not only against each other but see if our score has improved from the previous year.
BRA members who live in the vicinity of the “Unique Hotel Innere Enge” could, if they wish, have a few practice rounds before the competition.

Thanks to Joy for organizing the event and we are looking forward to another round of mini golf with tea in 2022, Covid permitting.

John McGuigan