Visit to Rolla Foundation in Bruzella

Visit to Rolla Foundation in Bruzella
Ticino and Grisons Region

The exhibition ‘Factories’ is a selection of 30 photographs from the private collection of Phil and Rosella Rolla.
Club members were able to enjoy an interesting guided visit at the foundation in Bruzella, Val di Muggio.
On such a beautiful sunny day we were able to take in the wonderful scenery on our way to the Osteria del Croce in Castel San Pietro were we had an enjoyable lunch where everyone agreed that after looking at the excellent photo collection, they will view factories differently!!!  the next exhibition at the Rolla Foundation will be from May and will feature the Australian artist Lawrence.

We shall be returning to Bruzella, since the Rolla Foundation have a vast collection of photographs. There are least two shows every year, with a guided tour by Rosella Rolla in English and an excellent place to have lunch where everything is home-made.                                                  

Beverly Ortelli