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The Pantheon in Muttenz, BL is an attractive event venue, it combines a classic car museum and classic car workshop.

The tour took us on a walk around the two stories of the round domed building.
We started by looking at curious wooden vehicles marking the beginnings of the development of the motor car.
Our Guide explained in detail all about the cars and the old-timers (not us!) it was all really impressive.
Some of the cars are privately owned and kept in the Pantheon when not in use.
One of the oldest cars in the museum, a de Dietrich Vis-à-vis dating from 1902, took part in the London-Brighton Classic Car run.
We were delighted to see a Bubble Car, Triumph Spitfires, Rolls, Bentley, MG’s and many other well known makes.

Afterward we met up in the museum coffee shop for refreshments.

Angie Meier-Jones